Acne Rosacea

Acne rosacea or simply rosacea is a type of inflammatory disorder of the skin which will affect the areas of the face which will blush just like the area near the nose, cheeks, chin as well as the forehead. An individual who is affected with this can see spots in red color and also cysts located on the face. Those with light complexion of the skin will be more vulnerable with the condition. Though, this is commonly found more in women, once men get affected with it, the condition tend to be more severe. Take note, however, that unlike teenage acne, acne rosacea will not have blackheads or whiteheads.

Causes of Acne Rosacea

Even if rosacea is considered to be a typical disease found in a lot of people, the causes of it are still unknown. It is thought that the presence of particular bacteria on the skin is the reason for the development of skin disease. Also, those who are likely to blush more are more susceptible to it. In addition, it is believed that genetics is among the factors that will cause acne rosacea. Excessive exposure to the sun will also lead to this kind of disorder of the skin. Furthermore, individuals who consume alcohol excessively and like to eat spicy foods are also prone to the skin disorder. Oftentimes, some reasons such as stress, anxiety, fear and many more are believed to be causing rosacea. This is in spite of the fact that not a specific factor is proven to be the real cause of the skin disorder.

Symptoms of acne rosacea

Flushing is the primary and the most typical indication of rosacea. The person’s face will grow red and will look like the condition of sun burn. The face will also have the presence of red bumps as well as cysts. Usually, rosacea is considered to be a mild disorder, yet, if it has become aggravated, you will also see small blood vessels underneath your skin. This can be a serious problem and is termed as telangiectasia. If rosacea becomes severe, it will have an effect on the nose wherein the nose’s size will enlarge and the cheeks will turn out to be puffy. There are times when an individual who has rosacea will even develop problems with the eyes such as conjunctivitis. He or she may experience burning sensation, itchiness and dryness of the eyes. However, this skin disorder is not itchy or painful; it is only when rosacea becomes severe that the person will feel a burning sensation on the skin areas that are affected.

Treatment of acne rosacea

Although, rosacea is a form of acne, it will never go away entirely just like in other cases of acne. But, there are different kinds of treatment that will be valuable in reducing its effects. Healthcare specialists for the skin will possibly prescribe antibiotics to be taken orally just like tetracycline, amoxicillin, minocycline and also doxcycline. The person affected will also be advised to apply creams topically in order to reduce the inflammation of the skin and also to avoid using harsh soaps. Individuals who are experiencing the problem will be suggested to use cleaners designed for sensitive skin. Laser treatment is recommended if the patient’s condition is extremely severe. Moreover, every individual will be advised to have a different method in the treatment based on the person’s type of skin and also the kind of condition that the individual has. But, these measures for treatment will not eliminate entirely rosacea, yet will still help to control it from becoming annoying. Since any kind of wrong medicine will make the facial condition as well as the indications grew worse, anyone affected should not take any kind of medications or make use of creams without first seeking the doctor’s advice.

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