Acne scar treatment – Acne scar removal using Copper Peptide

Most scar reduction procedures on the market are expensive. This includes laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and others. If they are not properly done, they would often lead to additional scarring.

Acne scars can be reduced by using hydroxy acids which would loosen and remove a small amount of the damaged (scar) tissue and then using using Copper Peptides to aid in rebuilding a new skin. Lesions such as acne scars are not highly resistant to hydroxy acids that is why they are broken down by salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Repeated use of hydroxy acids over a period of several months would slowly dissolve most lesions. By repeating the process daily, the blemish and scars are slowly reduced if not removed. This method works slow and may take several months to be effective (typically 2 months).


The typical hydroxy acid concentration used in scar reduction is 1-2% for salicylic acid and 7-15% for glycolic acid. CP Serum™ is the standard copper peptide used in scar reduction. Higher concentration hydroxy acids and strong copper peptides such as Super CP Serum™ and Super COP™ would give you faster results but they are more irritating.

Copper Peptides aid in skin remodeling by activating the skin’s metalloproteinases which removes damaged collagen and elastin. Other biological effects of copper peptide include the following:

(1) regenerate new collagen and elastin which improve skin firmness and elasticity
(2) increase the production of water holding glycosaminoglycans which is true moisturization
(3) improve the skin’s blood vessel microcirculation
(4) produce biochemical energy from nutrients in the body’s blood supply
(5) increase the natural defense mechanism against oxidative damage
(6) repair damage to the protective skin barrier. (source: Dr. Loren Pickart PhD)

Use of Copper Peptides after using hydroxy acids creates an environment for the skin that is ideal for the regeneration of a normal, healthy skin. The process is done once or two times a day for several months. Improvement can be seen in a month.


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