Acne Solutions

The solutions for acne will often involveĀ  a huge variety of medications, yet, it is significant that you are able to determine some things such as the kind of skin that you have as well as the severity of acne you are having prior to the start of medical solutions meant for acne.

If your skin is oily, then you might as well try using products which are gel-based and if you have dry skin, then try using a cream for acne. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to avoid medicated products that are very strong, otherwise, your condition will become worse.

An extensive range of medical treatment for acne options are available and will include antibiotics applied topically, topical retinoids, medications taken orally, hormonal therapies as well as corticosteroids.

Medical solutions for acne consist of medications that can either be applied by rubbing onto the skin and is termed as topical medication or can be ingested in the form of tablets which is termed as oral medication.

Some of the types of medicines applied topically which are utilized for the treatment of acne will consist of various kinds of antibiotics, benzoyl peroxides, tretinoin, adapalen and azelaic acid which may be strong but is effective.

Topical retinoids are medications which have vitamin A and can be applied onto the skin by means of rubbing once or two times for each day. Medicines for topical application usually have chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide as well as salicylic acid that will cause the flaking of the skin thereby, will cause irritation during the initial phases of the treatment for acne. Tretinoin which is another kind of drug for acne that is applied topically is merely a type of vitamin A which helps in the prevention of the development of hair follicles that are inflamed.

Oral medications will consist of antibiotics taken orally which will work relatively in the similar manner as the medications applied topically; yet, these antibiotics are utilized as forms of systemic therapy since they are capable of reducing the bacterial population in the follicles of the sebaceous glands. Among the oral antibiotics that could be prescribed, it is the oral erythromycin that is considered to be safe and can be used by pregnant women and even for children who are very young.

Oral antibiotics are being prescribed for the types of acne which are inflammatory and they are helpful in the elimination of bacteria which will make the skin become infected. Hormonal therapies are being produced in order to reduce the enhancing effects of the use of androgenic hormones in acne. So far, it is the oral contraceptives which are the most popular form of oral hormonal solution for acne which are available; however, these medications cannot be used by men.

Corticosteroids are known to be medications that have anti-inflammatory properties and are prescribed by doctors only when the acne is severe. It is best to seek consult of a physician before you start any form of treatment for acne because he or she will be able to suggest which kind of treatment that will be appropriate for your individual needs.

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