Azelaic Acid and Copper Peptide acne treatment

In this multi therapy regimen, we present a natural antibacterial compound and peeling agent that is produced naturally by yeast. Azelaic acid kills bacteria that cause acne just like Benzoyl Peroxide. The only difference between the two is that azelaic acid does not promote free radical formation to kill bacteria. Azelaic acid also normalizes the disordered growth of skin cells lining the follicle and prevents the formation of comedo. The most common side effect associated with azelaic use is the temporary itching or burning sensation which persists for a few minutes and subsides afterwards.

Although azelaic acid is already sufficient for treating acne, we would add copper peptide to provide an anti-inflammatory action against acne. Copper peptide is very important if you have pus filled zits and acne lesions which are experiencing redness and inflammation. Copper peptide reduces the inflammation of acne lesions and most importantly, it accelerates the repair of damaged skin cells.

Dosage and Application

Azelaic acid is available under the brand name Azelex or Skinoren that is formulated at 20% concentration. For copper peptides, we recommend the use of Super GHK serum, Super GHK cream and CP Serum from Skinbiology. Copper peptides are incompatible with acids and should never be mixed with anti-acne products that are acidic. The treatment procedure below specifies the application of azelaic acid and copper peptide at separate times.

Procedure for topical application:

1. Wash your face first with soap and water to remove dirt and oil.
2. Pat dry with towel.
3. Apply the copper peptide cream on the face at night and wash it in the morning.
4. Apply the Azelaic Acid cream during daytime and wash it at night time.


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Azelaic Acid and Copper Peptide for Acne | Azelaic Acid Copper Peptide Acne Treatment  | Copper Peptide and Azelaic Acid

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