Back Acne Treatment

Back acne is a kind of condition of the skin that can be found at the back area instead of the more usual places like the areas of the face and the neck. The causes of the outbreaks have not been exactly pointed out by modern science, yet, there are actually several factors that are responsible for it.

For one thing, this is presumed to be a result of the wearing tight fitting clothes which do not allow the skin to breathe and will trap the perspiration beneath the skin, thus, clogging the pores of the skin. All kinds of blemishes which will usually appear on the face will also be present at the back. The back acne will appear as forms of papules and pustules and even whiteheads and blackheads. Whiteheads will occur if the skin pore is clogged with sebum, bacteria and skin cells which are dead. On the other hand, blackheads will occur when the skin pores are clogged partially with similar elements previously mentioned with whiteheads. The papules will appear as bumps which are tiny and red on the skin while the pustules are just like bumps wherein the pus-filled centers are yellow or white in colors. These kinds of back acne will resist more to treatment in contrast to the acne that appears on the facial area.

If you are suffering from back acne, you can attempt to elude the problem in different ways. Washing the back area when you perspire so that bacteria and sebum are reduced is recognized as the most usual way. Remedies which can be availed over the counter just like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide will help clear the skin pores, however, the solutions have to be in increased concentrations when compared to the solutions utilized for the face. In addition, tea tree oil will also be important in getting away with back acne through the application of a thin layer of it to the skin that is dry for a minimum of two times in a day. Lastly, make sure to don cotton fibers while you perform your exercises so that skin pores are permitted to breathe and will remain to be dry.

If back acne will not be responsive with over the counter products, perhaps a more serious approach will be necessary. Several of the more potent drugs which may be prescribed are the antibiotics like erythromycin or tetracycline. These will eliminate the excessive bacteria inside the body, but, the results will only last as long as the treatment for back acne is given out. In addition, you will also tend to develop resistance to antibiotics after a while.

When all the treatments for back acne will not work, it is Accutane or isotretinoin that will reduce the amount of sebum production of the skin pores. Nevertheless, since these are very potent, the negative side effects will be very serious.

It is best to talk with your skin care specialists regarding the options you have in terms of the treatment for back acne and also the breakouts and blemishes which can be seen in any parts of your body. They will be able to provide you with the appropriate direction.

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