Back Acne

Normally, back acne as well as facial acne are viewed by dermatologists as the same diseases because they both develop in the same manner and will present as the same lesions. But the pores located at the back area are bigger and will produce more oil when compared to the face. For that matter, the bigger pores will produce more lesions that are severe and would take place regularly just like the nodules and cysts.

  • Take into account that approximately 2/3 of persons with acne on the face will also have some amounts of acne on the back.
  • About 20% of adult males who are healthy have a few amount of acne on the back.
  • There is the possibility that back acne is more predominant among males, yet this is present in both males and females.
  • Other areas of the body will also have acne and these will include the chest, shoulders, arms, buttocks as well as the legs, however, it is the back area that will be commonly affected when compared with other extremities.

Causes of back acne

There is no certainty regarding the cause of acne. We are all aware that maturation of the glands producing oil will be necessary. This is the reason why back acne will only occur following the start of puberty. After that, what will lead to acne of the back will be similar to what will lead to acne on the face. For several reasons, individuals who are prone to acne will have overproduction of skin cells within their pores that will stick together and eventually will form zit.

With regards to acne specifically, a certain form of acne termed as acne mechanica will have to be mentioned. This is considered to be a fancy name of acne that will result as irritation of the skin. Anything that will constantly rub against the skin just like backpacks, massage that is rough, clothing which are tight fit, machines for weight lifting that will press on the area of the shoulder or any kind of thing that will rub that area of the back and can irritate the skin will probably aggravate acne on that particular area. Acne mechanica will also be aggravated with moisture, hence, if you are the type of person who perspire a lot and apart from that, there is also continual rubbing from the use of backpacks, tight clothing and many more, these will only worsen the problem. Given that you exist as a human being, your back area will normally come in contact with chairs, clothing, beds and touch from other persons so basically, the skin irritation that occurs on the back will never be removed. But, there are several basic ways that will be helpful in these kinds of situations.

  • When possible, try to wear cotton clothing which is breathable.
  • Aside from carrying your things with the use of your backpack, try to carry them with another thing while your treatment for back acne is ongoing. As soon as you are clear from the skin disorder, you may start using the backpack again. This will be good news if you are cleared from acne. In cases where you will not be clear from it, then maybe the backpack is not the best alternative for you.
  • In general, ensure that you are aware of anything that will irritate the skin located at the back and try to make accommodations if possible.
  • Make sure to time your everyday treatment as directed below in order that you will be able to shower and provide treatment to your skin as soon as you are done with your sweaty workout.
  • Be aware of other causes that will irritate the skin.

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