Best Acne Treatment

Acne, as everyone is aware of is a result of excessive sebum secretion of the sebaceous gland that will be able to clog the pores of the skin. Infection and even the development of acne and pimples will occur because bacteria, skin cells that are dead and dirt will easily be trapped inside the skin pores which are clogged. Aside from over the counter and prescribed medications, acne can be treated through herbal remedies. But since there are already a lot of acne products beginning with creams, lotions, cleansers up to the masks and strips, it will be pretty simple to become confused and puzzled regarding the best treatment meant for acne.

 Best treatment for mild to moderate acne:

Usually, the most excellent acne treatments which can be purchased over the counter will primarily contain components like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur. The treatment products can be obtained as acne washes in forms of soaps, gel foams or even cleansers and the treatments will consist of creams, gels as well as foams. Although, the products which have benzoyl peroxide are most plentiful, they will not be appropriate for all since a tiny percentage of individuals might be hypersensitive to benzoyl peroxide and for that matter, redness, itchiness or skin peeling might occur. When this will happen, products that contain benzoyl peroxide must be avoided.

Light Therapy Lamps. The light therapy lamps are becoming extremely popular lately because they can be utilized easily in the homes and will be quick forms of treatment. Due to the technology advancement with the use of LED technology, these allow the acne lamps to be purchased at very reasonable costs so that these can be used at home. These lamps are available in colors such as blue, red or even in combination of blue and red light therapy lamps.

The light therapy in blue color is capable of targeting and killing the bacteria causing acne, thus, the skin will be cleared from acne.

On the other hand, red light therapy will provide skin healing and will be helpful in healing as well as in removing the scars caused by acne. It will also have an anti-aging effect since it is able to remove the fine lines and the wrinkles associated with aging.

Best treatment for moderate to severe Acne:

If there are no improvements or if your condition has become worse, then it is best to see a healthcare specialist or a dermatologist after you are done with the six to eight week period of using the acne treatment which can be obtained over the counter. When the doctor has finished assessing your condition, he or she might prescribe medications to be applied topically in forms of washes, creams, lotions and gels or perhaps, medicines which can be taken orally like antibiotic tablets.

Antibiotics which are being applied to the skin are the products just like clindamycin or erythromycin or the combined products that contain both the benzoyl peroxide and the topical antibiotic like clindamycin with brand names like Duac and Benzaclin. Retinoids like tretinoin or Retin A and a lot more, adapalene with brand name Differin and tazarotene like Taxorac can be applied topically. The combinations of both tretinoin as well as clindamycin like Ziana can also be applied.

Antibiotics which are taken orally such as tetracycline, doxycycline or minocycline can be taken as well. Oral contraceptives and isotretinoin that are hormonal therapies can be used.

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