Body Acne

According to surveys, more than 75% of individuals who have acne on the face will also suffer acne on the body. From this percentage, 90% will carry the infection on body areas such as the back, neck, shoulders and also the chest. Tiny percentage of these people will have acne on the leg and abdominal areas of the body.  Although, having acne on the face is without doubt damaging to the personality of a person, acne on the body can be similarly damaging too. With body acne, men will find it hard to go shirtless in public places and women will tend to avoid the donning of low cut dresses, garments with no sleeves and also swim wear. If a person will take some precautionary measures and use medications that are time-tested, then perhaps the impact and severity of the acne on the body will be reduced.

Furthermore, body acne has greater demand when compared to facial acne. This is primarily because the back area of the body is quite difficult to reach. For another reason, the back has a lot of pores which produce more oil and are more prone to infections in contrast to the face. Thirdly, the back’s skin is thicker and will not be responsive to prescribed amounts of medications taken orally or topically that will work best with facial acne.

Practically all creams and lotions available commercially will contain one of the three antidotes which are usually used like benzoyl peroxide, derivative of glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These compounds are capable of unclogging the skin pores and have a certain anti-bacterial property that will help in fighting against acne.  However, these compounds will make your skin overly dry despite their promising results and one should pay utmost attention in using moisturizing agents in order to prevent this kind of condition.

There are supporters of herbal remedies that recommend the use of cream which contain mixtures of extracts taken from different kinds of herbs. These will include neem, yellow dock, honeysuckle, dandelion root as well as roots of sarsaparilla. These will act as antibiotics in mild form and as anti-inflammatory agents that will be able to detoxify the blood. The use of body scrubs will enhance the exfoliation process and are utilized for the promotion of skin that is healthy. What usually provides roughage for these body scrubs are the apricots. Useful adjuvants in fighting against acne will include antibiotics taken orally and vitamins containing B2, B3, A and E.

There are several basic health and hygiene measures that are very valuable for the control of acne. First and foremost, it is affirmed by many dermatologists that stress can induce changes of hormones that will aggravate acne. It is best to stay calm and placid in order to control the prevalence of acne.

Other hygienic measures will also include regular washing of the body with the use of antibacterial soaps, make use of moisturizing creams, use of towels that are soft in order to make the skin dry, quick removal of garments that are sweaty, avoid pinching areas that are affected by acne, perform some exercises and get sufficient rest. Prior to the use of any topical or oral medication, it would be best at all times to consult a dermatologist.

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