Chest Acne

Similar to the acne on the face, acne on the chest and the back may result to an individual to experience uneasiness as well as awkwardness. The appearance of chest acne may range from being red lesions and bumps to whiteheads, pustules, blackheads and possibly cysts. While mild forms of chest acne will not result to major discomforts all the time, severe forms of chest acne will result to skin infection, bleeding and scarring.

This kind of acne can affect teenagers and adults alike. This will occur in individuals with age range of 11 to 40 years old and even more. But, it is the females who are hugely affected when compared to the males. It has been discovered that the condition can be found in 54% of women and for men about 40%.

Even if the condition will occur primarily in people who have significantly oily skin and those who perspire too much, the reason for the occurrence of chest acne in some individuals still remains to be a mystery. However, there are some people who associate it with familial history.

Development of chest acne will be similar to the development of facial acne and on other areas of the body. Naturally, the sebaceous glands located under the skin surface will produce oil or sebum. Any individual will usually not experience any kind of problems so long as the production rate of oil is normal. Skin cells which are dead and also oil can be taken off through frequent cleansing and bathing.

When you have acne on the chest, do not attempt to press the pimple using your bare hands or try to make an incision of the cyst. You will risk yourself from infection and may even cause some scarring to take place. Make sure to manage your chest acne gently and bear in mind not to touch it otherwise necessary.

Make use of antibacterial soaps which are formulated for the treatment of acne and wash regularly the area that is affected. You can repeat the procedure based on the product or the recommendation of your doctor. Keep your skin dry carefully and try to apply antibacterial cream. Try also washing the area that has been affected two times every day, usually one time during mornings and once during nighttimes.

There are some brands of creams and gels which are available over the counter which are typically used in the treatment of chest acne, most of them have the component called benzoyl peroxide. This is an efficient oxidizer as well as keratolytic which will kill effectively the P. acnes bacteria and will be helpful in the reduction of redness and swelling.

If the application of topical antibacterial ointment is quite inconvenient to you, ask your physician if it would be possible to make use of antibiotics to be taken orally. This is the typical method for the treatment of acne which will cover a more extensive skin area.

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