Cystic Acne Treatment

First and foremost, it is highly recommended that an individual seeks the advice of a dermatologist at once in order to assess the condition of your skin since cystic acne will increase quickly in terms of its severity. Listed below are some of the details of the treatment available while highlighting every product’s advantages as well as disadvantages. Five treatments intended for cystic acne are described below which are commonly used:

a) Oral antibiotics

The most usual form that is available is the ingested pills which are taken orally as the name suggests. Usually, these will be prescribed by dermatologists in a quarterly basis. Make sure that you consume all the pills that are provided in order to prevent the bacteria from developing immunity against the prescribed antibiotics. These antibiotics work by gradually eliminating P-acne population on the skin that is controlling the infection. This kind of treatment will be appropriate for as long as a person has no known hypersensitivity to antibiotics. An advantage for the use of this form of treatment is that it is affordable in general. But the disadvantage is that a few users may experience giddiness and even some discomfort in the stomach.

b) Isotretinoin 

These drugs are recognized better for their common brand names like Claravis, RoAccutane, Amnesteem or perhaps Isotane. Costs of these will be more for every course of treatment when compared to the antibiotics if these are availed in tablet forms. Since they work through a lot of various mechanisms, these medications provide better results for the treatment of cystic acne. A certain mechanism that is utilized is reducing the amount of sebum being produced by sebum glands through the reduction of the sizes of the gland openings.

Another method on how these medications work is through the reduction of the size of P-acne bacteria colonies because of their antimicrobial properties. However, there is a negative effect with this kind of treatment and that is more side effects can be noticed. Those who are using isotretinoin discover that their eyes, skin as well as lips are somewhat dry all through the period of treatment. In addition, they will also experience flare ups of breakouts of acne while there is skin flaking that is occasional. Yet, there are also some other forms of treatment for cystic acne that will work as well just like these medications.

c) Oral contraceptives (for women only)

This form of treatment must only be taken into consideration if you have thought about oral contraceptives not as merely the first line of treatment in acne control. In essence, this process will work by way of controlling the secretion levels of your sebum and this can be attained through the reduction of the overall production levels of testosterone. However, you should be cautious considering that some kinds of contraceptives can basically increase the levels of testosterone based on the mechanisms of their actions. In point fact, these will perhaps make your acne problem become worse. When you seek the advice of pharmacists, be very truthful regarding the secondary reason for the use of contraceptives so that they will prescribe the suitable forms.

d) Surgical excision and drainage

Excision and drainage done surgically is a cosmetic process that will not target the mechanisms of acne which have been mentioned earlier. Since there are high levels of risks involved, generally speaking, this will not be advisable unless if the symptoms you are experiencing are very severe. With the procedure, the surgeon will drain the fluids from the intra-cavity of your blemishes by way of the application of small incisions along the lesions of your face. A lot of individuals who went through this surgical procedure are fascinated with the results; however, one thing to take note is that method can be pretty expensive.

e) Intralesional injections

This kind of method will work through the reduction of the inflammation as well as the lesions’ sizes by an injection into the layer of the dermis. A further advantage of this process is that it has been determined to reduce permanent scarring brought about by acne. On the advantageous side, you will be able to see significant improvement of the skin with a period of 7 days or so, however, the disadvantageous part is that this method is relatively painful and may need substantial amount of money.

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