Hormonal Acne

This is mostly seen in women because of the natural cycles that they pass through just like menstruation, pregnancy as well as menopause. Women who are suffering from acne with adult onset or acne that is worsening during the adult period will usually look for conventional therapies for acne just like topical preparations, use of antibiotics or Accutane. This kind of acne can be treated and with the introduction of modern medicine, no woman will have to bear with it. Though, this will usually affect adults, this will also affect teenagers. This kind of acne is being represented with breakouts of acne that will appear only prior to and following the menstrual period of women. This will typically start during the early to middle 20s and will last for a long period of time. The treatment for hormonal acne is classified by skin specialists as the best method in treating hormonal acne, regardless of the severity of the case.

Treatment for hormonal acne is limited to women and will offer a distinctive approach which is valuable while the rest of the treatments are not very effective. This treatment will vary based on the person yet will usually involve reducing free testosterone and for the protection of the oil glands from this kind of hormone. Instead of providing efficient support for the anti-acne resources of the human body, the symptoms of mild acne can be treated with salicylic acid and sulfur. Also, research has acclaimed that acne treatment by way of hormone therapy can have probability of success that is high.

Those women in their 20s and 30s, with acne located on the lower area of the face and the neck, with history of treatment that has failed or unresponsive to the conventional therapies of acne which can be done both topically and orally can benefit the most from the hormonal treatment. Usually, a lot of these women developed adult acne for many years now and have been through the menopausal stages. Those who experience hormonal acne have suffered since their teenage years or they probably have no real problems with acne at all during their younger years.

Hormonal acne treatment

Given that medical specialists have discovered the connection between the hormones and acne, plenty of drug companies are already very busy with the development of the latest treatments. These treatments for hormonal acne will include:

1. Oral contraceptives or better known as birth control pills- Examples of these are Diane-35, Tri-cyclen, Alesse and also Yasmin.

2. Antiandrogens: Example of this is spironolactone- this medication will try to balance the hormonal levels artificially by either using the blocking action of some hormones or by the introduction of female hormones which are synthetic into the body just like what happens with birth control pills.

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