Natural Acne Treatment

Not all kinds of acne are similar and thereby, will be requiring different kinds of treatments. For mild acne, the person affected should wash his or her face on a regular basis with soap made of glycerin and will use a sponge or brush that is soft. Cleaning the skin this way can remove the skin dirt and oil so that the pores will not clog and begin to have an infection that will cause pimples. What will also help keep in keeping the pores clean and open is the natural acne treatment.

Olive Leaf Extract

An acne scrub that has olive leaf extract will be helpful in controlling the microbial agents that will cause infection and the growth of bacteria. The olive leaf extract also has compounds that will fight against aging because of frequent exposure to the sun. The routines for natural acne treatment have discovered that women in Greece during ancient times were truly beautiful with the acclamation of the poets nowadays. This is because their skin was maintained clear through the use of organic solutions.

Tea Tree Oils

The tea tree oil is wonderful in fighting against fungal infections, for the treatment of rashes and burns and for the control of acne and also dandruff. This is known to be an essential oil. As a natural fungicide, this is among the best natural treatment components for acne which an individual can utilize in reducing the infection of the area that has experienced outbreak.

Acne Light Treatment

The acne light treatment is recognized as an additional natural treatment for acne. With this kind of technique, ultraviolet rays are utilized in stopping the acne. This kind of treatment is not only inclusive but is also very safe technique in treating acne. This treatment is just like using a booth for tanning. The person will sit under the UV light rays for about 15 minutes for each day. Natural acne treatment with the use of lights has been proven to somewhat successful in treating various kinds of acne.

Cucumber Facial

Another natural treatment for acne is the cucumber facial that has a small amount of zing added to it. This can be made through 2 tablespoons of sour cream and a cucumber that is placed inside the food processor. The two ingredients are combined together until the texture will become smooth. Smoothen the paste like substance on the surface of your face and let it stay there for approximately 10 minutes. After that, you can wash your face using the glycerin soap and then pat gently to dry your face. Certainly, your face will feel wonderful with this natural treatment for acne.

Natural treatment for Painful Acne

There are several kinds of acne that are in fact extremely uncomfortable or perhaps, merely aggravating. Tea of the cloves can be used as treatment for these and all you have to do is heat a cup of water that is distilled together with five pieces of cloves. When the water will come to its boiling point, steep the cloves for approximately 10 minutes. Make the tea cold and then apply it to the parts of your face that are very sore. This will make the sore parts numb. To make the face cold, make use of mint tea that is being soaked in a cloth and put it on your face. As a form of natural treatment for the skin, this will make your skin cold and will help in relieving small amount of pain also.


Honey from the bees is considered to be the most natural cure for acne. This is because the honey has a natural antibiotic which is capable of killing the infection as well as the bacteria found in the face that will get inside the pores of the skin causing the outbreaks. As a natural treatment for acne, honey must be applied in its original form, allow it to stay on the face for approximately 5 minutes and then wash it off using a mild soap.

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