Nodular Acne

The nodular acne spots are being formed beneath the skin and are being characterized with the presence of hard bumps which are big. These are bigger in sizes when compared to the skin lesions and could be pretty painful also. Once the nodular acne will not be treated, this will result to impaction that will have frequent flare ups over and over again. It is essential that you do not try squeezing the acne because this may result to skin trauma that is severe and it may last for a longer period of time than it usually should.  This kind of acne will be present in other areas of the body aside from the face. Examples of areas of the body that is prone to nodular acne include the chest and back areas.

Causes of Nodular Acne

It is a given fact that acne is due to the blockage of the pores of the skin. If sebum is produced excessively by the sebaceous glands which are present beneath the skin surface, the sebum will be incapable of travelling across the length of shaft of the hair and will reach the skin surface. The excessive sebum will be trapped inside the pores of the skin that will result to acne. Once the blockage of the pores of the skin will take place in the skin’s deeper layers instead of the area which is nearer to the skin surface, what will be formed is nodular acne. There are also several factors that will result to nodular acne and these include the buildup of bacteria as well as shedding of skin cells that are dead which will make the hair follicles of the skin be irritated. Moreover, the hair follicles will be plugged with dead skin and also bacteria that will cause the formation of nodular acne. Try to continue reading for more information about the prevention of acne. 

Nodular Acne Treatment

The treatment for nodular acne should be done during the early stages because this is considered to be the best possible way for its remedy. While mild to moderate kinds of acne can be treated successfully with topical creams, nodular acne will require aggressive therapy as treatment. Skin care specialists will prescribe antibiotics to be taken orally in order to ward off bacteria and for the reduction of the inflammation. At times, they will even require more than just antibiotics also. For severe cases of nodular acne, acne treatment done by laser can be used. You might want to acquire information regarding laser treatment meant for the scars caused by acne.

Remedies for Nodular Acne

Home treatment can be utilized in treating nodular acne. Nevertheless, you need to apply these natural treatments for nodular acne regularly if you desire to be free from acne at the earliest time possible. A significant point regarding any of these remedies done in the home is to thoroughly clean your face with the use of warm water prior to the use of any form of treatment procedure. Listed below are some of the acne cures which are all natural.

Mint leaves: Try applying all over your face fresh mint juice every night once you are done cleaning your face. In general, a single application is only adequate, yet in instances where it is not very effective, it is possible to make another application again in the morning. Mint has an anti-inflammatory property and will help in the reduction of the swelling that is related with acne that is severe. Try taking a closer look at several of the acne solutions that are natural.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Try diluting apple cider vinegar by combining a single part of the vinegar with three parts of water. Use clean cotton for the application of the solution on the area that is affected during nighttime and then rinse it in the morning of the next day. Continue reading for more herbal cure of acne.

Tea Tree Oil: Make application of tea tree oil using a cotton swab on the body area that is affected before you go to bed and rinse it off the morning after with the use of warm water. Try reading further for more skin care products designed to fight against acne.

Mixture of honey and cinnamon: Combine three tablespoons of honey along with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder simultaneously. The resulting paste for nodular acne can be applied before you go to bed and you can wash it using warm water in the morning of the following day.

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