Remedies for Acne

Even if a lot of antibiotics are available for the treatment of this kind of infection on the skin, the side effects related with prescribed medication will remain to be a basis of concern. Several home treatments designed for acne can be safer alternatives and are provided below.

Increase of Water Consumption: What must be given highest priority is the consumption of plenty of water because this will eliminate the toxic matter found in the body and as a consequence will reduce the formation of acne. In order to have a healthy skin free from acne, it is but necessary to drink seven to eight glasses of water.

Aloe Vera: Considered to be on the list of the best natural remedies for acne so that healing is enhanced and for the improvement of skin complexion is by way of aloe Vera juice. The application of the aloe Vera juice into the affected skin area will be an efficient method in treating acne. Also, it is helpful in the immediate healing of acne scars. Thorough cleansing of the skin and getting rid of pimples can be possible through aloe Vera based ointment and moisturizer.

Carrot Juice: This is best known for its healing properties on the skin. Both internal and external use of the juice extracted from carrot is a simple way in effectively fighting acne. Since the carrot juice is loaded with a lot of vitamins, this can be among the natural treatment intended for acne. If you drink two to three glasses of carrot juice especially in the morning while your stomach is still empty, the affected skin will benefit from this immensely. You can also use a cotton ball in applying the juice on the pimples in order for the early removal of the skin problems. It is also best to read more regarding the health benefits of carrots.

Tea Tree Oil: This kind of essential oil is recognized as among the best natural remedies designed for the treatment of acne. Yet, if you apply it in its natural form will be pretty harsh on the skin. If you want it for topical use, try diluting the essential oil with water. The components of the tea tree oil have significant functions in destroying the bacteria that has caused the acne. You can apply it with a cotton swab every night and let it stay overnight. You can remove the oil from your face with water in the morning. Try to read more about tea tree oil as a form of treatment for acne.

Remedies for Acne Cysts

Acne cysts are forms of acne which are more resistant and will not easily go away. A lot of times, these forms of severe acne will not be responsive to medical treatment. In order for the condition to heal, strong doses of medications are usually prescribed. Nevertheless, there are some cheap natural remedies so that treatment for cystic acne will become successful. These are listed below:

Lemon Juice: Put lemon juice in a tiny bowl and also add rose water that has similar amount with the lemon juice. Apply the mixture using a cotton ball on areas affected by acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This contains high amounts of important minerals which have significant roles in providing relief from cystic acne. The apple cider vinegar also is a cleansing agent that is powerful enough to kill the bacteria and will detoxify the skin. The application done topically will be very helpful in individuals with cystic acne. It is capable of restoring the smooth appearance of the skin by way of regulating the skin pH. Try to read further with regards to apple cider vinegar as a form of acne treatment.

Orange juice: Fresh orange juice can be applied on the skin areas affected by acne. Prior to your application, ensure that the juice is properly strained in order that the seeds as well as the pulp will not appear in your juice. Allow the juice to remain on the skin for approximately thirty minutes and then you can wash it off. This kind of treatment will somehow cause the swelling to reduce which is related with the presence of cystic acne.

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