Scalp Acne

Although, scalp acne is just like the usual acne on the face and back, this is not that usual. When an individual is suffering from it, the skin will try to produce oil layer that is termed as sebum. This layer of oil is also protective and will prepare the path towards the surface of the skin by way of pores, skin cells that are dead and also the excessive formation of oil. In the trapped area of the sebum, the bacteria will tend to multiply as fast as they can and will result to the pre-pimple symptoms of scalp acne. When the pre-pimple begins to grow larger, it will become whitehead or blackhead. Then, this will become swollen and appear red in color and later on, you will have zit on your head.

Loss of hair is among the biggest issues with regards to the scalp acne. Loss of hair as well as scalp acne will usually go together since the fungal infection present on the scalp will aid in the occurrence of hair loss. Nonetheless, complete baldness is never a possibility. Aside from loss of hair, the symptoms of scalp acne will include blockage in the skin pores. Once the pores are blocked, you will find out that your hair will tend to become oily in a quick manner, despite subsequent to usual shampooing.

Treating acne on the Scalp

When treating scalp acne, it would be best to use mild shampoo and then followed by the application of benzoyl peroxide on the scalp.

Products for anti-itching which have cortisone can be used and then, the hair can be washed with shampoo that contains coal-tar when the person feels itchy due to acne.

Anti-dandruff shampoos that have anti-fungal agents such as ciclopirox and ketoconazole may be utilized in the treatment of acne. At times, the conditioner can be helpful for cases such as this one.

Skin cleansers which have salicylic acid can be used with a cotton ball and be applied on the area that is affected. After the application of these cleansers, they must be thoroughly rinsed as they can cause hair to become dry.

Shampoo for oily scalp may be utilized together with the use of astringent or perhaps, the treatment for acne may be applied to the body part that is affected using a cotton pad or ball.

The following medications are also helpful in treating scalp acne 

Oral antibiotics – These will include tetracycline that are provided to patients who suffer from acne on the scalp and are not usually prescribed to children with age below ten years old since these antibiotics will make the teeth yellow. Some of the antibiotics taken orally will include cotrimoxasole and erythromycin for the reduction of scalp acne.

Topical antibiotics – These consist of erythromycin as well as clindamycin that may have negative side effects like dryness on the area that is affected.

Mild topical steroids – These can be obtained in order to enhance the penetration and will be able to make the skin condition become clear.

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