Types of Acne

There are plenty of variations of acne that range from the mild to severe cases. The most common type of acne that includes some kinds of pimple is called the acne vulgaris. This kind of acne will result to blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules, pustules as well as cysts.

Blackhead is usually formed once it reached the topmost portion of the skin and will open. This occurs most especially in skin pores that are blocked. Sebum that will cause the skin to be oily will make dead cells and bacteria to gradually drain on the skin surface and the black color is not because of dirt but this is caused by oil which has dried up which caused the skin pigments to be exposed to air. It takes a long period of time to clear up the blackheads.

Whitehead is a tiny bump in the skin that is white in color and that is not yet open at the topmost area of the skin. This is usually contained under the skin surface not like the blackheads. Its formation occurs when a skin pore is entirely blocked that will trap the sebum, bacteria and skin cells that are dead and will result to the white appearance on the surface of the skin. This has a shorter life cycle when compared to the blackhead.

Papules are small bumps on the skin that are pink in appearance and are very tender when being touched. As they become inflamed, they will turn into red color, become tender with no presence of heads. As a result, they will irritate the skin, thus, it would be good not to touch them or squeeze them because it will not be beneficial and may even exacerbate scar formation.

Pustules are just like whiteheads but only these are inflamed. These appear as circles in red colors while located at the center is white or yellow color. These are better known to a lot of people as pimples or zits. Squeezing or popping these pimples can be done.

Nodules are lumps that are hard located beneath the skin surface that may be painful and will last for many months. These are bigger than pustules, papules and others which have been previously mentioned. Nodules which are unresolved can at times result to impaction and could flair over and over again. Squeezing or popping them is never advisable. If you will squeeze them, you could cause skin trauma that is severe and the lesion could last for many more months as it normally should. Since this kind of acne can be prone to scarring, it is best recommended to seek the help of a dermatologist for its treatment.

Acne cysts have similar appearance with nodules however; these are filled with pus and usually, have diameters of five millimeters or even more. These can also be painful. Acne cysts may even result to scarring that is permanent. If you squeeze an acne cyst, most likely, it will cause deeper infection as well as painful inflammation that is severe and will last longer than it should than leaving it alone. It is best to consult the dermatologists because they have methods for the reduction of swelling and for the prevention of scarring.

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